Wafula Chebukati and the remaining commissioners should pack and go-Former IEBC commissioner

One of the former  IEBC Thomas Letangule has written his thought about what is happening to IEBC . He says that after the suspension of Chiloba he thought the chair Chebukati would rise and provide real  leadership .

He thought that he would call all the commissioners together and discuss the way forward after the exit of CEO Chiloba.
Following the resignation of  3 commissioners on Monday 16th of April made the IEBC paralyzed because only 3 commissioners are remaining and he has no commissioners to lead.
He says IEBC lacks quorum and according to the body act , it is required 5 members for there to be quorum that commission can make decision.Those who resigned are Nkatha Maina , Margaret Mwachanya and Paul Kurgat.
Those who have remained are Chebukati,  Boya Molu , and Abdi Guliye.He says that these must do the right thing and pack and go to leave kenyans to reconstitute IEBC .
He adds that this commission is the one which started their own departure in contrary to the one which was before which was forced by demonstrations.
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