US and allies bomb multiple government targets in Syria

US, UK  and France during a morning operation on 14th April have bombed multiple government targets in Syria .They were targeting alleged  chemical weapon sites.

This strike has been done in response to last week’s suspected chemical attack on Syria in the town of Douma.  Pentagon said that the explosion hit the capital Damascus and the neighbouring locations near the city of Homs.
Russia’s ambassador to the US   responded by saying the attack on its ally will not be left without consequences.
Trump as he was addressing the nation said that  the nations of France ,Britain and United States of America  have marshalled their power against barbarism and  brutality.
 He also added that the aim of tonight’s action is to establish a strong deterred against the production, spread and chemical use.
Syrian state television said that  government forces had shot down more than 12 missiles and that only the research facility in Damascus was injured as well as 3 civilians were injured in Homs.


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