Retired president Moi advice to politicians


The former president Daniel Arap Moi has told the politicians not to blow up small political issues but to  pursue peace on the handshake between him and Raila.

During the visit that Raila had to Moi after he had come from hospital where he had been hospitalized in Israel. Moi told Raila that unity of the country is what will spearhead the agenda of Kenya.
Raila in his response  noted that the politicians had already started 2022 campaigns but he told them that they should unite the country first and to focus in speaking with one voice.
After the 2017 elections Raila was bitter  and  had said no to Uhuru’s legitimacy but later came down and agreed a painful handshake as he says for the sake of Kenya’s  peace , unity ,reconciliation, national healing  and development.
In response to this Moi said that Kenya can move forward if the president leads in uniting the people despite their political affiliations. He told them not to create small mountains over small misunderstandings and they must be united.


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