Relieve for Governor Sonko after appeal challenging high court decision which upheld his victory is dismissed


The court on Monday 16th April , the court of appeal dismissed the appeal that was challenging the High Court decision that struck the petition against Mike Sonko’s win in the August general election.

Justices Gatembu Kairu,  Kathurima M’Inoti and  Roselyn Nambuye  said that High Court Judge Msagha Mbogholi was right while he struck the petition against Sonko’s win.
The appeal had been filed by Japheth Muroko  and Zachaeus Okoth saying that the  decision of striking their petition was  a violation of law.
They argued that the judge would have allowed them to withdraw and let another person to take over the matter.Witness Noah Akala had appealed the same decision separately but his case was consolidated in Muroko’s petition


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