Raila is impoverishing Nyanza region-Bishop declares


Bishop Ochiel of the diocese of southern Nyanza has 2 weeks blamed ODM party which is led by Raila Amollo Odinga of impoverishing the region. This brought angry reactions from Raila supporters.

The second time he has accused the party of imposing leaders in Nyanza region and has said he will lead a rebellion against it. On Wednesday 12 April Bishop Achiol of the Anglican Church of Kenya threatened to mobilize his congregation to boycott future ODM nominations if radical changes hare not going to be done.
He said that the party has been imposing candidates into the electorate.He accused it also of stifling democracy in the region by fighting its critics. This comes after he was answered by the ODM party Secretary general on political affairs who is also the MP of Ugunja Opiyo Wandanyi  and told to leqve the pulpit and start his own political party to rival ODM. Wandanyi dismissed the claims completely.
Yesterday the Bishop said that he is obliged to point out the mistakes in the community’s leadership and this could spur development of the region.


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