Nairobi governor Mike Sonko launches a beautification program

In the efforts of restoring the glory of Nairobi city which had been lost, the County government of Nairobi  in partnership with the Kenya urban roads authority has launched a tree planting project.

Sonko said that this is a way of preparing for the world’s environmental day which will be taking place in 5th of June.The theme of the day will be to beat plastic pollution.He is aiming to make Nairobi the Green City in the Sun and to defeat pollution.
 This will also reduce global warming.He also said that in order to sustain the project he will provide watering points to be watering the trees and  the grass during the dry season.
The KURA general engineer Silas Kinoti said that thisproject wiil prevent people from building illegal structures near roads.
He encouraged the public to participate in road maintenance and the cleaning of the city.


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