Museveni government to impose taxes on all social media users


Uganda government has proposed  as a way of increasing its revenue from July all social media users will start paying taxes.

Human rights activists have denounced the move and said that it is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s  way to stifle the freedom of expression for the people of uganda. He has been in presidency for 32 years now.
The finance minister of the country Matia Kasaija through a phone interview told the Reuters that each mobile subscriber will be charged everyday Ugandan shillings 200 for using platforms such as whatsapp. facebook and twitter.He dismissed the claims that this will reduce the number of people who use internet.
He added that they looking money to maintain the security of the country and also to extend electricity so that people may enjoy the social media more frequently and often.
Human rights activists begged to differ with the proposal and moved to the social media to criticize it heavily. Led by Rosebell Kagumire they said this is to curtail the freedom of movement..
Uganda has a population of 41 M and from those 23.6 M use mobile phones and 17 M use internet..The proposal was approved by the cabinet and it has been taken to the parliament this week for review.


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