Mombasa teen disappears from home after losing in gambling

A teen in Mombasa aged 17 years disappeared after he lost Ksh.20,000 in gambling.
The money had sent to him for upkeep but he lost it through gambling.He was located in Diani on Sunday after he disappeared a day after her mothers return from abroad.
According to her mother Omar had left for college and he had left his phone and laptop.Her mother said that he spent most of his time in those 2 items. He  has confessed this was his first bet.
His mother has said that she is lucky because her son is not dead because many commit suicide due to betting.He asked for forgiveness from her mother while shedding tears.
He had first lied that he had been kidnapped for 9 days but he later said the truth that he had lost his money to gambling and due to fear of his mother he decided to leave.


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