Down to earth PS cooks ugali at Kamiti Maximum Prison


April 11 on Thursday evening the PS removed his coat and was seen struggling to turn the wooden stick used to cook ugali in a huge cooking pot. He was seen holding the stick with 2 arms but the job was not a easy one.

As Alfred Cheruiyot the PS was doing this his security and those of the prison were busy taking photos.
He realized that this is not a work for the weak because it requires strength to cook the food well.When the cooks do the  job they hold the thick stick with both hands and sometimes step on the pot to cook the food well.
After doing that he put emphasizes on providing self- sustaining entities in prisons. He said that the correction facilities should be able to look for their own revenue.
He outlined some of the challenges facing prions such as overcrowding, shortage in housing transport and accumulation of pending bills. He told the officers to learn from them and take the prison to greater heights.


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