Property worthy over sh 7.5 M completely burnt in a school in Lamu.

On Thursday, July 12, over 7.5 million property at Mokowe secondary school in Lamu County was completely destroyed by fire.
The fire started at 8.30pm  and students were in  classes during the night preps.
No casualties were reported. 

The  school principal Gideus Mugute,  said that a loud explosion was heard from the boys’ dormitory.

They tried to put off  the fire  using a small fire extinguisher but the fire overwhelmed them.

It is being suspected that an electric fault caused the inferno but police are still investigating the cause.

“We are not certain on what could have caused the fire, the police are doing their investigation but we suspect it could be an electric fault, “said Mugute.

The dormitory was housing 93 students  and all their property was completely burnt.

Since the school is mixed, the girls gave out some mattresses to the affected students who spent the night in various classrooms.

Reports say that the school has only two dormitories one for girls and the boys’ dorm that was burnt last night.

This comes some days after another school on Monday by the name Witu secondary school was closed after the students rioted switching off lights in classrooms and dormitories.

The students complaining that the food served in the school did not have enough salt and that it was always served late.

The students in the school are expected to report on Tuesday next week.

Lamu Boys’ Secondary school was closed indefinitely after the students burnt down several facilities 3 times protesting to be permitted to go home for Ramadhan.This happened in April.


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