Chebukati MUST resign-Senator James Orengo

The Senator of Siaya and also the leader of the minority in the senate James Orengo through a statement on Monday April 16 said that Wafula Chebukati who is the chair of IEBC must resign and lead the remaining commissioners in leaving the commission

This followed after in the morning 3 commissioners announced that they have resigned accusing Chebukati for his poor leadership.He said that IEBC has become a Felonious enterprise.
He added that him together with staffs of the commission have become greedy players in the procurement process and they helped in the rigging of August 8th 2017 general elections.
He added that there are no longer good or bad commissioners  because IEBC is already cursed.
in the morning 3 commissioners who resigned are : Connie Maina who was the vice chairperson, Amb. Paul Kurgat and  Margaret Mwachanya. They did this after the CEO Chiloba was given 3 months compulsory leave.
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