A Very bad road accident seriously injures 6 people as a lorry veers off and overturns.

6 people on Thursday, July 12 , in the  evening seriously injured in a road accident at Nomotio area along Maralal-Loosuk road in Samburu central.

The lorry was travelling from  Nomotio to Maralal .

All the 6 people have been rushed to Samburu county referral hospital in Maralal town for medications.
Reports say that the accident occurred when a lorry they were travelling in veered off the road and overturned.
One of the victims while undergoing treatment at the facility said,“I was seated in the driver’s cabin, I saw him struggle with the steering but I don’t know what the problem was, I just found myself outside through the driver’s door when the vehicle fell down.”
The accident has been confirmed by Samburu central OCPD Abaggarro Guyo who has said police have launched investigations to establish the cause of the accident.
The wreckage of the lorry has been towed to Maralal police station.
Drivers have been advised to be cautious while using roads.
This happens a few days after another accident happened in Kinoo claiming 2 lives and 13 others seriously injured.

A very bad accident  happened in Kinoo  area ,Kikuyu constituency, along  Nairobi-Nakuru highway.The accident which happened on Tuesday  July 10 in the morning , killed 2 people and 13 others were seriously injured.

A Simba bus rammed into a matatu .Reports say that the Matatu’s driver had stopped behind 2 private cars which had had an accident in that particular area.

Reports say that the driver of the Simba bus  lost control on the Regen stretch in Kikuyu constituency before ramming the matatu.

The Simba bus was traveling from Malaba to Mombasa and non of its passengers was hurt.

One of the witnesses has said,”The bus rammed into the matatu as the drivers of the private cars discussed the damage,  the matatu then collided with a private car which overturned and blocked the busy highway, the driver of one of the private cars panicked and sped off.”

Those who were injured have been taken to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital with serious injuries. Among them 10 were in the matatu and 3 from the car that overturned while the bodies of  the deceased have been taken to the  hospital’s mortuary and the vehicles towed to police station.

This has been confirmed by Kikuyu OCPD Musa Kongoli who has asked the drivers and other road users to be cautious while using roads. Investigations are ongoing right now.

On Monday ,July 9, another accident happened where 12 pupils from Kichare Primary school, Homa Bay county were admitted at Nyando sub county hospital .The accident happened as they were travelling in a school bus.

Other 35 pupils sustained slight injuries in the accident that happened at Korowe area near Kisumu.

The bus which was involved in the accident had 47 students and one teacher. It was Tonga Boys Secondary School bus. The  accident happened as the  students were on their way back to Homa Bay after attending a music festival event in Kisumu.

Nyanza Region Traffic Commander Andrew Naibei confirment the accident and said  the driver of the bus could have lost control forcing it to fall on one side as a result of poor weather.

He said,”It was drizzling when the incident occurred and it seems like the driver could not see the road well.”

He also said the matter is being investigated to know the cause of the accident.


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