6 schools in Laikipia closed indefinitely.


6 schools were on Friday  were closed indefinitelyafter parents withdrew their children due to insecurity in the area and are protesting  quick stoppage of bandit attacks and cattle rustling.

At least 60 heads of cattle have been stolen and  3 people among them a Kenya police Reservist are nursing gunshot wounds sustained during the attacks at Wangwachi village in Ol-Moran Ward.This has happened in a period of less than 2 weeks.

The angry parents and other members of the area are asking why police officers who had been deployed in the area to carry out the disarmament exercise had stopped the operation.

One of the residents said, “There are so many cows that have been stolen from this area, our children are being raped, we are not secure anymore and that is why we have decided to close all these schools.”

The schools are Nyakinyua Primary and Secondary schools, Makutano Primary and Secondary schools, Njorua Secondary and Wangwachi Primary schools .

Parents of the schools withdrew their children in protest, claiming that the government had failed to protect them and their property.

The protestors were led by Ol-Moran Ward MCA George Karuiru, who marched for over 15 kilometers to Kinamba Trading Centre with the aim of talking  with the area Assistant Commissioner.

Karuiru accused a section of leaders from the neighbouring Baringo County of attempting to protect the criminals who are said to be behind a series of attacks within Laikipia.

“This is not the first time these criminals attack us during the day and at night, we need the government to intervene and punish all those who may be perpetrating these attacks,” he said.

Karuiru regretted that residents had started fleeing the area as a result.

He added ,”For how long will our people die for the government to take action? We want immediate action to be taken so that our people can enjoy peace.”

Laikipia West Member of Parliament Patrick Mariru had a touugh time when he arrived at the Ng’arua Divisional offices where the demonstrators had gathered.

They are  blaming him for doing very little to address the critical issues affecting them.

Security officers had to intervene so that they could calm them down so that he could address them.

He has asked the government to investigate senior politicians from the nearby Baringo County, whom he said were inciting their communities to attack people in Laikipia.


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